Scenes from an Apartment

INTERIOR: apartment, early evening.

I’m sitting at the kitchen table completing some task work as Bronxie cooks dinner. He has the music playing and is singing & dancing around the kitchen in his Los Pollos Hermanos apron.

I’m distracted and giggling (and potentially making inappropriate comments about his dancing) before I’m swept up out of my chair into a half-assed waltz across the kitchen to “Glory of Love” by Peter Cetera. He is singing and spinning me and I’m laughing as I trip over my feet, and I’m sure the downstairs neighbors are wondering who in hell is stampeding elephants overhead.

Then the song is over and he rests his chin on top of my head before giving me a kiss and twirling me back to my chair so he can finish cooking and I can finish working.

Dinner was delicious.


INTERIOR: Apartment kitchen, morning.

BRONXIE & DANNI have taken the day off of work to go visit the Zoo. They are discussing dinner plans and arranging pick up & drop off for THE BOY. Both are severely undercaffeinated.

BRONXIE: I really hope this isn’t the week he decides he’s not into lasagna anymore. We should add some of those mushrooms in the fridge – he likes mushrooms. I think.

DANNI: OK, how much of the mushrooms do you want to put in?

BRONXIE: I think half the container is good.

DANNI: OK, I’ll take care of that while you’re in the shower, then I’ll shower while you put it all together.

BRONXIE: …how long is it going to take you to chop mushrooms?

DANNI: I’ll chop then give them a quickie hit in the pan so we don’t drown the lasagna.

BRONXIE: *stares blankly*

DANNI: I’m going to sautee the mushrooms.

BRONXIE: *stares blankly*

DANNI: Mushrooms are all water right?


DANNI: If we put them into the lasagna raw, they will release all the water into the lasagna while it cooks. I’m going to sautee them first to cook off the water and not drown our lasagna.

BRONXIE: *blinks* OH. Oh, ok, good plan! I’ll go shower!

DANNI: I’ll make your tea too.


EXTERIOR: rainy night

DANNI & BRONXIE are standing in a grocery store parking lot. BRONXIE pulls a reusable bag & an umbrella out of the trunk.

DANNI: Babe, it’s not far, I don’t need an umbrella!

BRONXIE: I do! I’m a delicate flower, fuck you!

DANNI: *hysterical laughter*


INTERIOR: apartment, night

During a commercial break in the replay of Batwoman, BRONXIE heads to the kitchen for snack supplies.

BRONXIE: (singing) FLASH! AHHH-AHHH! *scamper scamper scamper*

DANNI: *hysterical laughter* I love you, you ridiculous creature!

BRONXIE: (from the kitchen) HE’LL SAVE EVERY ONE OF US!


INTERIOR: Apartment, night

I wake with a start and a lot of confusion, as I have for a few nights since I’ve been staying here. The room is lit by outside lights and my eyes cant find any familiar shapes to help my sleep addled and potentially still dreaming brain figure out where I am.

I glance over and see the rise of Bronxie’s shoulder under the blanket next to me. I wrap my arm around his waist and  snuggle into his back. I’m exactly where I am supposed to be as I fall back to sleep.


This is my first post in a “post 7 days in a row” challenge, issued by my beloved Lorna of Gin & Lemonade. I have no plan, I’m totally flying by the seat of my pants, so we’ll see how this shakes out!

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