The Purge Part II: Electric Boogaloo

So Bronxie and I have been talking a lot about future plans.

More specifically, we are talking about getting our own place next year and how that relates to my ongoing clutter battle.

We are not wealthy people – our first place will most likely be a 1 bedroom apartment, so we’re probably talking under 1000 square feet.

That’s potentially “consider selling my giant desk and/or bookcase” territory. UGH.

We started talking in nitty-gritty practicalities on Monday night, when my couch was buried under padded shipping envelopes containing the 7 tarot decks I had sold over the weekend. I once again lamented the sheer volume of STUFF that I have, and that I know that I should be paring my deck collection down more but I don’t know where to start.

“Start by pulling all the ones you know you can’t live without,” he suggested.

And I wanted to smack myself in the head, as I frequently do when he makes a logical suggestion that I should have thought about already.

I’ve been so hell-bent focused on what I should be getting rid of that I haven’t considered what I actually want to keep.

So we’ll be diving back into storage soon (I hope) – I’ll actually be accepting his offer of help for once – and thanks to my guy’s brilliant idea, I’ll have a completely different focus.

Keeping in mind our first place and the life we are building together, I’ll make decisions that will feel like they are about happiness, not obligation.




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