Workin’ for the Weekend

Everybody remember that song? It’s a favorite of mine on 80s nights, but sometimes when I just see the chorus written out, I sing it to the tune of “Takin Care of Business”, and then I feel like I need to give my brain a hard reset to get it right.

Anyway. Friday, yay!

The first of 5 weekends before the BIG MOVE.

No, I’m not moving house.


After 4 or 5 years in my current (non-climate controlled) place which has raised my rent has consistently every 6-8 months because of “property reassessment” or some such nonsense, I’m moving storage facilities.

Gone will be the days of monitoring weather to make sure it’s not too hot/too cold to actually work in my space. Gone is taking 2 hours to make a 30 minute ride because EVERY DAMN BRIDGE OVER THE RIVER is jam packed with traffic.

Hell, I won’t even have to pay a toll to get to the new space! SCORE!

And best of all? My new space is $150 cheaper than where I am now. WITH CLIMATE CONTROL. (Sorry, I have wood furniture, this is kind of a big deal.)

As excited as I am to begin forward progress, though, a few details remain:


Well, it WAS looking better…

The above image is the aftermath of a trip to find something and a fall. (My stuff, not me.) Guess my stack was more precariously balanced than I thought it was. Oops.

Biggest concern, of course, is my furniture – I’ve used up every favor and ounce of good will I had dragging those beasts around, and now I’ve added a coffee table and a mini fridge into the mix. I’m sadly going to have to pay someone to do that.

The rest isn’t anything I haven’t dealt with before in my trusty little Elantra.

But I want to do things differently this time – I don’t want to throw the stuff I can’t deal with into bags and say “I’ll deal with it later in the new spot.” I want to do the work BEFORE I move for once in my life.

And now I have a self-imposed time constraint, because I cannot afford and flat out refuse to pay 1 more month at my current, heinously uncomfortable, obscenely expensive storage unit.

So the plan in the next 5 weeks:

  1. Wrangle the recent mess back into control.
  2. Quickie review of bins and boxes before they are loaded out, with appropriate disposal for what’s not worth taking with (recycle/donation/trash).
  3. Pack my poor little car as efficiently as possible to minimize trips.
  4. Find a reasonably priced service to move my damn furniture.
  5. Actually accept help when it is offered. This is not the time for pride.
  6. ACTUALLY GO TO STORAGE AND DO THE WORK. The DVR will be waiting for me when I’m done, I promise!

By March 30, I’m done in that unit whether I’m actually done or not.

Tonight is my first moving run. I already know what stack of bins I am planning on bringing with me, and I have permission to bring them into the front hall so I don’t have to leave them in my car overnight (New!Storage closes earlier than Old! Storage).

Tomorrow, I get up at the crack of dawn around 8ish, re-load the car, and head over to New!Storage for a quickie drop off, then back up to storage for another load. I’m keeping one side of the 10×10 clear for furniture, and will be stacking as high as I can go – my little step stool will move into my car for the moment and go back and forth til I’m all done.

I don’t know how many trips it will take, just that this will pretty much be my life for the forseeable future.

If anyone wants to ride shotgun and sling some boxes when Bronxie isn’t available, let me know! Company is always welcome.


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