Fourth Quarter

So I had a whole blog post about 75% drafted for today about the ADHD diagnosis I received toward the beginning of the pandemic.

Well, maybe it was more like 65% drafted.

Ok, it was a couple of half-assed paragraphs and a rough outline but the point is, that post is going to wait because while I was looking at one of my most favorite writing communities, our mod Sarah posted a journal prompt asking what are our hopes for the last 3 months of the year and I’ve been thinking about it all day.

Knee jerk reaction? I want to survive this damn year. I have my eye fixed on December 31, and I plan to shout “JUMANJI!!!!!!” at the top of my freaking lungs when the clock hits midnight and I hope like hell to be transported out of this miserable mess.

But as I thought about it more, I realized that all I want is to move forward. We’ve all been in a state of suspension for the last 7 months, and we are tired.

So I’m calling October 1 my REAL New Year’s Day and I am going to hit the last quarter HARD.

One of my words of the year for 2020 was “Investment” and I haven’t done nearly as much as I should have, so this is what I’m committing to from now to December 31 (NOTE: None of the below links are affiliate links!):

  1. MONEY: It’s been very slow going and I have definitely fallen back into some depression-spending habits, but through Ellevest, I’ve at least started. I’ve got 2 goals set and my retirement accounts, and I’ve also treated myself to two 1:1 coaching sessions, one for budget and one to check in on how I’m handling my debt payoffs. I cannot recommend them enough – the right amount of encouragement and practical, workable strategies. I’m not going to max out my IRA this year and that’s ok. Working my budget, I should be able to do it next year.
  2. WRITING: So much writing goodness going on! I finally got it through  my head that if I want to write for a living, I need to….TREAT IT LIKE I’M MAKING A LIVING. So I’m putting my money where my mouth is:
    1. I signed up for Faith Mariah’s Blog Mastermind. It’s been a rough first week for me with day job stuff and not enough sleep stuff so I haven’t been as engaged as I planned to be, but it’s only week 1 – I’m logging into the portable this weekend and making my plan for this quarter. 
    2. Can I say enough good things about the Kindred Voice? Sarah and Mia have created a beautiful community of incredible women that I am so happy to be a part of. I haven’t been so involved with anything since the LiveJournal days! The membership community is The Fireside and is both super-affordable and worth every penny. If you want to dig in a little deeper, the Illuminate community will be opening to new registrations soon. Both communities are run on Mighty Networks and are super intuitive and easy to use. And if you want a little sample before you make an investment, we will be doing a free Journaling workshop soon – come join us!
    3. NYC Midnight’s Microfiction contest is calling my name. So is NaNoWriMo.
  3. ACTIVISM: I hate feeling helpless, and I’m pretty sure that in our current climate, a lot of us are feeling pretty helpless right now. Between COVID & anxiety, canvassing & phone calls are out of the question, so I’m doing what I do best: writing. I’m doing “get out the vote” initiatives with 2 separate organizations by sending letters and postcards. It’s not flashy, but I feel better knowing I’m helping.

There are 3 months left to the end of the year – as long as I keep up on my medication and my therapy, this is all do-able.

Are you making October 1 your New Year’s Day? And if so, what do you have on your agenda for the 4th Quarter?

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