If We Were Having Coffee – Pandemic Edition

If we were having coffee, I’d complain that I had to sleep with the air conditioner for the first time in a few weeks due to humidity last night. I’ve been enjoying just using the fan and smelling the outside air as I slept.

I’m actually excited about the cooling down this year. Maybe it’s because I’m slowly creeping my way through my 40s, but for the first time in my life, I’m warm. Dare I say, I’ve been running a bit hot since last spring! I’m not sure I like it.

I’m still not happy that winter is coming though. I hate the cold and the dark.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that things are going to look a little different around here. I just did a Popup Blogathon with the super awesome Faith Mariah.

I’m not exactly a “love and light, go team, rah rah rah!” kind of girl (and if you’ve missed that, you’re clearly new here – welcome!) but Lorna said working with Faith was amazing, and when it comes to writing and blogging, I trust Lorna’s opinion implicitly, so I signed up, and damned if she wasn’t right again. Not only am I inspired, motivated, and excited, I’m actually confident that I Can! Do! The! Thing!

(The Thing being writing regularly here, on my FB Author page, and writing for outside-the-blog venues.)

Baby steps though – as motivated and excited I am at the moment, I’m also on an upswing cycle, and I have a tendency to over-plan and overload myself when I feel good, then crash and burn, overwhelmed.

Seriously, though, good stuff coming. Promise!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I actually miss people.  I miss seeing friends. I miss not planning dinner dates around weather events. I miss when my “leaving the house” checklist didn’t include a mask, gloves, and sanitizer. I miss having a full staff of admins in the office to help with phones.

But there is a lot to be grateful for. I’m actually checking in and checking up on people more – I’m not letting months go by without contact. I’m looking to local resources first when I need something rather than relying on free shipping from a billionaire. My partner is in my “safety bubble” and we have both been safe and healthy. His son, his family, and my family have been healthy too.

Bronxie and I have had to get innovative with entertainment for us as a couple and as a trio with The Boy in tow. We’ve done a lot of (masked) hiking and exploring, picnics-in-the-car, and road trips. One weekend we wound up about 45 miles from Binghamton before turning around and heading home! It’s been hard, but it’s also been kind of fun.

And as secure as I feel in my relationship with Bronxie, this has helped cement that security a little bit more, which makes me so happy.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I’m so glad you’re here with me, that I hope you and yours are well, and that I’m so excited to have you come with me as I move everything forward.

Take care of yourselves, friends – I hope you and yours are well. Check in and let me know how you’re doing if you feel so inclined.  ♥

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9 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – Pandemic Edition

  1. Happy for you and very proud! I’m selling a good chunks of my toys and finding an endgame to my collecting so i can move on from this. much love!


    1. Thank you so much! I’m just starting to focus on my blogging and freelancing, so I’ll be posting more as I learn. What I’m doing right now is a whole lot of research on related blogs and prepping some pitches for guest posting/collaborations.


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