Illuminate: Creativity

I'm not writing. I want to be writing. I should be writing. I try to write. But I'm not writing. Not a false start. Not words on the page that I KNOW are garbage but need to be out so I can get the good stuff rolling. Not an outline. NOTHING. I save multiple blog … Continue reading Illuminate: Creativity

Workin’ for the Weekend

Everybody remember that song? It's a favorite of mine on 80s nights, but sometimes when I just see the chorus written out, I sing it to the tune of "Takin Care of Business", and then I feel like I need to give my brain a hard reset to get it right. Anyway. Friday, yay! The … Continue reading Workin’ for the Weekend

A Writer’s Life (aka A Little Bit of Insight)

Location: Anywhere, anyplace, anytime WRITERBRAIN: WRITE NOW. DANNI: Seriously? NOW? WRITERBRAIN: WRITE NOW. DANNI: I'm driving/at a movie/snuggled up to Bronxie/doing some activity that is 100% not conducive to writing. WRITERBRAIN: WRITE NOW. WRITERBRAIN floods my eyes with perfect imagery and fills my ears with the most intriguing plot and musical turns of phrase. WRITERBRAIN: … Continue reading A Writer’s Life (aka A Little Bit of Insight)